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A selection of our best selling products from our preferred suppliers

Please note: this is only a limited selection of products available!
If you can’t see what you are looking for in the brief product gallery, please visit or contact Byron at the Burford Studio on: 01993 824690

Kitchen & Bathroom Options

  • Burbidge Landsdowne Painted cupboards
  • Burbidge Malmo Drawers
  • Burbidge Amboise Chair
  • Burbidge Salcombe with AGA
  • Kitchen in grey and white
  • Concealed boiler unit
  • Kitchen in white with marble worktop
  • Custom kitchen storage
  • Kitchen in grey and white
  • Fitted utility cupboards
  • Bookcase storage
  • Bespoke kitchen and flooring
  • Aga
  • Shelving
  • Island with double sink
  • Kitchen island with marble worktop
  • Custom made kitchen drawer dividers
  • Butlers sink install
  • Fitted kitchen to open plan dining/lounge
  • Burbidge Tetbury Freestanding Sink unit
  • Burbidge Harrow
  • Burbidge Isala
  • Burbidge Langton
  • Burbidge Malmo Glass Drawers
  • Burbidge Tetbury Freestanding
  • Burbidge Tetbury Sink unit
  • Walk-in shower
  • Walk-in shower with heated towel rail/radiator
  • Fitted toilet wirh chrome radiator
  • Walk in shower with recess
  • Heated towel rail/radiator
  • Fitted bathroom/toilet
  • Bathroom window and tiling
  • Easy Access corner solution
  • Pull Out Larder Apollo White
  • Kitchen Corner Solution
  • Pull Out Kitchen Larder

Cabinet Handles

  • Finesse Newton Lifestyle Cabinet Knobs
  • Finesse Archer Cabinet Pulls
  • Finesse-Farrow-Cabinet-Knobs
  • Finesse Harrington Cabinet Pulls
  • Finesse Quebec Cabinet Knobs
  • Finesse Organic Lifestyle Cup Handle
  • Finesse Fossy Lifestyle Cup Handle
  • Finesse Dalton Lifestyle Cup Handle

Solid Wood Flooring Options

  • Solid Wood Flooring Oiled Oak
  • Solid Wood Flooring Oiled White Oak
  • Solid Wood Flooring European Oak
  • Solid Wood Flooring White Oak Parquet
  • Bespoke Solid wood flooring
  • Woodburner

Stone Flooring Options

  • Minoli Gotha Gold
  • Minoli cucina_black
  • Minoli Gotha Platinum
  • Minoli lake_black_cucina
  • Minoli TwelveNoon Daylight Chevron
  • Minoli White Marble
  • Minoli Sunrock
  • Minoli Bravestone
  • Groundwork Stone Classic Tumbled Travertine Grand Opus
  • Groundwork Stone Casablanca
  • Groundwork Stone Cathedral
  • Groundwork Stone chablis travertine
  • Groundwork Stone galileo
  • Groundwork Stone Mink Brushed
  • Groundwork Stone Rustica Multi Slate
  • Groundwork Stone Sapphire Brushed
  • Groundwork Stone Sapphire Polished Travertine
  • Groundwork Stone Galileo B
  • Groundwork Stone Abbey
  • Groundwork Stone Alexandria
  • Open plan lounge with woodburner
  • Open plan lounge with woodburner
  • Tiled flooring

Porcelain Options

  • XL Porcelain Lush White Nature
  • XL Porcelain Moon White Polished
  • XL Porcelain Moon White Polished
  • XL Porcelain Savage Dark Nature
  • Caesarstone Rugged Concrete
  • Caesarstone Montblanc Render
  • Caesarstone Moorland Fog Render
  • Caesarstone Turbine Grey

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